I choose to wear a helmet because I almost lost my life by choosing to not wear a helmet for a moment. I was assisting a friend with a Ducati that was having a rear brake issue and was having no luck in understanding what his problem was so he asked my “can you not hear that sound”? I removed my helmet to ride it one more time and see if I could hear the noise he was talking about. I accelerated in first gear and turned my head to hear the noise and at that moment I applied the brakes and as I pulled in the front brake lever I rolled into a pool of oil that had spill from a vehicle in the parking lot that I was riding in. I tucked the front so fast that all I could do is think dang I am going to crash hard. When I woke up I was laying in a pool of my own blood and my friend by my side telling me not to move and my other friend on the phone with 911. He assured I was ok but would not let me move. I was unconscious for 12 minutes and has taken to the hospital. I arrived in good spirits and was examined. I had to get my ear stitched back to my head. I had to receive 15 staples and had skinned up 75 percent of my head. My cat scan came back clean and I was allowed to leave. My friend brought me a piece of my scalp and an earring that had got pulled through my ear in the crash. I am committed to the helmet and will not even ride to the mail box without my helmet. The helmet could have prevented all of this and I am lucky to be alive.